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Please Do Not Leave Items In Your Vehicle

If you see anyone suspicious, please call 911 immediately

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Safety Do's & Don'ts

From Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

ALWAYS check your monthly statements and bills as soon as you receive them. The sooner you catch a discrepancy the quicker Law Enforcement can move to correct, stop and montior the activity

NEVER give out your personal information over the phone. If you have an answering machine or caller ID, screen your calls before answering .

NEVER accept or hire anyone for any type of work that is being solicited from someone going door to door. Report this activity to the authorities.

USE: the Buddy System when running daily errands; take a friend or two; have lunch and enjoy the day together...Safely!

Be Sure to have an "Emergency Contact" person stored in your cell phone. Have this information written down in your wallet or purse. Please list this emergency contact's name, address and relationship to you.


If you are 55 or older and complete a 6-hour safety course, you qualify for a state-mandated discount on your auto insurance of 5 to 10 percent. AAA, AARP and the Safety Council offer online and instructional classes for a small fee. Contact any of these agencies for information.

Having a driver license doesn’t make someone a safe driver. Mobile phones and the desire to always be “connected” has increased driver distractions. Distracted drivers are a serious hazard on our roads. Texting while driving has been shown to increase crash risks by 23 times. Other statistical sources show texting as the cause for 43 percent of fatal wrecks in Florida. A recent Pew Research Center survey reveals one in four adults admit to texting and driving, the same percentage as teenagers.

Did you know that:
Five seconds is the minimal amount of time a person’s attention is diverted while texting and driving. At 55 mph, that equals driving the length of a football field blindfolded. (NHTSA, 2012) · Florida is one of only five states without some sort of ban on texting while driving.
Clearly the problem of distracted driving is on the rise. It is also important for drivers to take personal responsibility and not text while operating a vehicle. Our lives depend on it.