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        Dogs MUST Be Leashed When Outside Residences
        per Boca Gardens AND Palm Beach County Rules & Regulations

        This Dog Is NOT Leashed. Unsafe for Dog and Residents

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    If your dog is on patio or outside, barking, take inside.
    Do not leave barking dog outside to disturb neighbors.

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     *Please help keep Boca Gardens Clean and PICK UP after your pet. Repeat offenders will
    be fined by the Community. It is now a County regulation as well, and you may be fined up to $500.00 by PBC.
    After Pet waste pick-up, please dispose of waste properly.  Put bags into waste receptacles. Do not throw on ground.

     *For the safety of others as well as your animals, please leash your dogs.
    No dogs should be tethered to trees, stakes, etc., outside the unit if unattended.
     All dogs must have up to date vaccinations.
    *Cats should not be allowed to wander the exterior of units.
     They are mating with feral cats on the property and becoming a problem.
Please defer to dog walkers in the evening-they cannot see or hear you coming at night in the dark.

                                                                                          Be A Responsible Pet Owner


                                                                                               This is not being responsible!